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Three Ways Colleges and Universities Can Increase Enrollment

Undergraduate enrollment rates have continued to drop. And private, for-profit, four-year universities have been hit the hardest, with a 6.8% drop from 2020 to 2022. Here’s how college and university deans, presidents, provosts, and other leaders plan to recover.

Vocational and Technical Schools for the Modern Workforce

Many skilled trades now require a wider range of digital skills. This puts significant pressure on facilities to hire people trained for a modernized work environment. Here are some examples of vocational and technical (vo-tech) trade schools that have kept up with the times.

Five Best Practices for Online Learning in Higher Education

Now that remote and blended degree programs are here to stay, there are important lessons to learn. To help institutional leaders get through this evolution, here are five best practices for educators navigating this shift in real time.