5 New Career Pathways Updates: Regional Salary and More

Today we released five new career pathways updates to the Career Pathways tool on the VitaNavis® platform:

Regional Salary Data:

Replaces “Average Salary US” and expands on regional US data by state, including whether a job typically pays annually, hourly, or a combination of both. Students can now also save and search information for numerous locations (instead of being limited to only one).




Job Outlook:

Projected 10-year (2016 – 2026) job growth and current number of jobs available gives students a realistic view of careers they may be working towards.



Educational Attainment:

Lists the highest level of education usually required to achieve a job to aid a student in mapping out their educational plan.






Technology Skills:

Indicates the type of technological skills students will need to develop for the jobs they are interested in (example: analytical software such as SAS). The new “Hot Technology” flame icon represents the specific technology requirement frequently included in employer job listings.




Updated Icons:

We have replaced the “Rising Jobs” green arrow with the “Bright Outlook” sun image to eliminate the use of two green icons (“Green Economy”).



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5 New Career Pathways Updates: Regional Salary and More

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