Jeff Hayes, CEO, The Myers-Briggs Company

As memorial events for George Floyd concluded this week, I, like so many others around the world, have continued to reflect on the inexplicable injustice of his death with shock, heartbreak, and outrage. Tragically, this wasn’t an isolated incident but the latest in a long history of tragedy and abuse directed against black men and women in the United States including Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others.

I take at least some comfort from the fact that George Floyd’s death was not in vain.  His murder has triggered nationwide and global protests against institutionalized racial inequality, which we must ensure will lead to meaningful changes in our society.

Nearly all of these protests have been, and continue to be, peaceful and wonderful examples of solidarity and support – and I’ve been particularly heartened by the diverse make up of protestors calling for substantive and lasting change.

As a company rooted in providing insights to promote self-awareness, break down communication barriers, and help people to appreciate the differences of others, we believe in the power of seeking to understand. As a member of the B Corp community, we stand firmly in support of equality and racial and social justice.

We must fully examine ourselves and open our minds to how we can contribute to a more inclusive, equitable and safe world for all people of color.  While I know I will never experience the injustices faced by African-American and other people of color, I will stand in solidarity with them.

We must act, as individuals and as a company.

So, we’re starting the journey by drawing on the talent, experience and passion of our colleagues here to help us drive positive change in our company and in the communities we serve, including:

  • Evaluating, challenging and improving racial diversity within our business
  • Directing staff volunteer time toward supporting peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protests and non-profits working to end inequality and injustice
  • Restating our commitment to a work environment where all employees feel safe, included and engaged
  • Creating space for authentic discussion on the challenges we face; to listen to and learn from one another


Many of you are probably embarking on similar journeys, for yourselves personally and possibly within your organizations.

My hope and determination lie in creating a future where diversity is celebrated, inclusivity is a given, and Black lives matter.

Editor note: This letter has also been posted on The Myers-Briggs Company Blog.

Black Lives Matter

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