Open Access Resources for K12 & Post-Secondary Schools From The Myers-Briggs Company

*Due to a high volume of requests from schools, we have extended the sign-up deadline to May 31, 2020.*

Amid disruptions in student support services during this time of national emergency, The Myers-Briggs Company has announced the release of an open-access offering for their VitaNavis® platform, a rapid, mobile tool for student self-discovery and exploration. The VitaNavis Student Success Platform is being offered to all K12 and Post-Secondary schools who sign up by April 30, June 30, 2020.

K12 schools, sign up here:

Post-secondary schools, sign up here: 

For K12 schools, the VitaNavis platform helps students envision their future possibilities and connect to post-secondary education and the world of work based on their unique strengths, interests, and values, whether they are just beginning to explore the world of work, planning for their next year’s academic schedule, or preparing to graduate and pursue post-secondary education. The Student Success package provides unlimited access to critical elements of the VitaNavis platform for students, parents and community members throughout the time of this national emergency. Sign up here.

For post-secondary schools, the offering is designed to help institutions drive enrollment and retention by supporting students virtually at this critical time when they are making enrollment decisions, choosing their next semester course loads or preparing to graduate and enter the workforce through the use of validated and research-backed tools. Sign up here.

You can read the official announcements from The Myers-Briggs Company here:

K12 Offering Press Release

Post-Secondary Offering Press Release 

Open Access Resources for K12 & Post-Secondary Schools From The Myers-Briggs Company

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