Top 25 Career Center Blogs In The United States

College Career Advisors play a key role in student success. From guiding students with major and course selection to helping them find internships and the right job after graduation, advisors are great educational resources to students. In addition to in-person advising and counseling, a lot of colleges and universities are also developing career center blogs for students who need general guidance in areas such as jobs and internships, interview tips, and advice from alumni. These blogs can be extremely helpful since students are constantly looking for resources that can be quickly accessed on-the-go. Because of the importance and value that these blogs bring to both college advisors and students, we decided to do some research and give some recognition to the top career center blogs and what makes each of them stand out.

Top 25 Career Center Blogs In The United States

Organized in alphabetical order.

Bucknell University Career Insider Blog:

Career Insider offers great blogs such as “How to Make Yourself Stand Out at a Job Fair” and “Get Your Résumé Career Fair Ready.”  The blog posts are also conveniently categorized into class years (first year, sophomore, etc.) so students can easily search for the content that’s relevant to them.

Cornell University career exploration center Blog:

Cornell University features blogs with highly interesting and helpful topics. Some examples of blogs that kept us scrolling are “What Your Interviewer is REALLY Trying to Ask You” with a break down of the trickiest interview questions. Another featured must-read post is “Building Your Network: How to Talk to Strangers” for great networking tips.  Students may also browse the blog by categories such as the book of the month, study abroad and urban semester, jobs and internships.

Dartmouth College Center for Professional Development Blog:

From Excel hacks to tips on how to make a big impression, the Dartmouth blog offers a great variety of resources organized by category. Some great blog posts featured include: “Common Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!”  and “New Ways to Get Hired.”

Davidson College Center for Career Development Blog:

Davidson College features alumni career experiences and provides great information on internship and mentoring opportunities. Students may also browse from a large variety of topics such as how to land internships, “how to find a job you love,” and unique careers to explore.

Fordham University Career Services Blog:

Fordham provides students with a variety of tips such as advice from their alumni and blogs. These cover helpful topics such as what to expect from different career paths like working for a startup. The resources found on the career services blog do a great job at preparing their students for their future careers.

Grand Canyon University OVERHERD Career Center Blog:

GCU’s OVERHERD offers a complete guide of useful resources with topics not seen on other sites. Some examples include “Why Earn a Minor in College,” “How To Pay for College Without Going Broke,”  and “10 Tips for Finals Week.” The website also categorizes blog topics by area of study. Here, students may also find the latest news, events, and hot topics.

Harvard University Career Center Blog:

Harvard does an amazing job with providing its students with a complete guide of resources such as alumni career advice, entrepreneurial career paths, and major-specific advice. On this blog, students can also find information on “Organizations to Meet” and career-specific expos.

Oregon State University Career Services Blog:

This blog features helpful posts featuring very interesting content such as TED Talks and alumni successes at well-known companies. A blog that caught our attention was “How to put in your two weeks’ notice: Transforming a DUN! DUN! DUN! into a step forward.”

If students are looking for a specific topic, they can also search by keyword to make their search easier and faster.

Penn And Beyond Career Services Blog:

Penn And Beyond offers thoughtful career advice on their site. Some of the resource topics include career exploration, work-life balance, a “Day in the life” of alumni, and exploration of different career paths.

Rasmussen College Career Services Blog:

The Rasmussen College blog shares the most touching and inspiring stories from their faculty and alumni, as well as the college’s latest news. Some of the most outstanding stories touch on students who have used their challenges to grow and cultivate their passions and have turned these experiences into rewarding careers.


The University of Arizona Student Engagement & Career Development Blog:

The U of A Career Engagement Blog is truly engaging. Some of the blog posts touch on great topics such as “Defining Your Personal Leadership Style,” “Sticky Situations: How to Dodge Inappropriate Interview Questions” and “8 Recs for Recs: The Do’s & Don’t of Asking for a Recommendation.”

Tufts University Career Center Blog:

Tufts definitely gets the concept of blogging. Besides providing useful tips for students, they combine these with humor! Each blog post features fun memes and GIFs that will surely keep readers entertained as they browse through the website. Some of the resources this site covers are tips on studying, finances, jobs, and advice from alumni.

University of California- Santa Barbara Career Services Blog:

The UCSB career services blog provides students with tools to prepare for and pursue success. This blog also shares fun and interesting to read posts such as “Student Summer Experiences”, “Learning How to Recognize Fraudulent Jobs,” and “How Do Certain Careers Acquire a Gender.”

University of Central Oklahoma Broncho Blog:

The Broncho Blog does an amazing job at providing a well-rounded and engaging blog to students. Some of the best blogs on this site include “Seven Steps for Decoding Student Misunderstandings” and Transforming Students into Self-Directed Learners” both written by faculty members. Fun news and events are shared on this blog as well.

University of Connecticut Center for Career Development Blog:

The UCONN Center for Career development blog offers career development resources, internship opportunities, experiential learning, and post-graduate opportunities. Additionally, this site offers specific resources to ensure career success such as student success stories, networking, and professional writing tips.

University of Delaware Career Services Center Blog:

The UD Blog Squad shares amazing internship stories from different companies and organizations. Here, students can also find general interview tips and guidance on how to land jobs in specific careers.

University of Maryland Career Center Blog:

This Career Center blog offers a large variety of resources. Some of these resources include interview tips, success stories, employer spotlights, campus jobs, entrepreneurship advice, résumé writing tips, and internships.

University of Michigan Career Center Blog:

University of Michigan highlights positions that students might find interesting every week on their “Cool Jobs and Internships” posts. Helpful topics to facilitate the transition from being a student to becoming a professional such as “The Process of Self-Discovery” is also offered.

University of Minnesota Career Services Blog:

From inspiring alumni success stories to employer spotlights, this blog does a great job at preparing students from all majors for their future careers. The University of Minnesota blog provides students with an insight of what it’s like to work at different companies and the tools needed to get there. Each Employer Spotlight includes a description of the organization, the characteristics they’re seeking for in an employee, their training process and company culture.

University of Missouri-Kansas City Career Services Blog:

On this blog, UMKC offers extremely helpful interview tips to answer specific questions such as “What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?” amongst other tricky interview questions.  Other useful and fun tips such as “Improving Your Communication” and “How To Love Your Job” are also offered.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Career Center Blog:

The UNCC blog features some great tips for students to prepare for the professional world. Some of their best blog posts include: “What to Wear For Your Second Interview”, “Non-Verbal Communication Related to Professional Success”, and “How to Prepare for Career Expos.”

University of Oregon Career Center Blog:

University of Oregon shares blogs on a grand variety of topics. From tips on “Getting Connected and Building Your Network” to “Building a Résumé for Work in China”, this blog will help students with any type of questions they might have.

The University of Texas at Arlington Career Blog:

HireAMav is one of the most complete career blogs offered. Their website features amazing tips to help students succeed after graduation. Some of these tips include: “Everything you should do in the minutes, hours, days, and weeks following a job interview” and “The 12 Best Job Hunting Tips Millennials Haven’t Already Heard.”

University of Vermont Career Center Blog

From travel to de-stressing tips to very specific tips such as “How to Thank Your Professor” and “Putting Your Course(s) to Bed” (protecting coursework), this blog offers a large variety of entertaining and helpful resources. The UVM blog also offers tips for career planning, time management, and tutorials.

Walden University Career Services Blog:

Walden University focuses on well-preparing students for job-hunting after graduation. They offer valuable tips such as “How to Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn,” “Using Keywords to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile” and “How to Connect With Employers at Career Fairs.”

Top 25 Career Center Blogs In The United States

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