The Ultimate List of Career Resources For College Students

You did it! You graduated high school, and are now living the college life. You’ve probably dreamed about this moment for years, but now that this dream is a reality, are you ready for the journey? The following is the ultimate list of career resources for college students to prepare you for the four upcoming years. This guide includes:

  • Résumé building tools
  • Career assessment tools
  • Job-search engines
  • Internship databases
  • Interview tips


Write A Solid Résumé: Résumé Builder Tools

For simple, yet effective résumés:

The Ladders– This résumé builder offers you two options: uploading your résumé to import the content into it and receive suggestions on how to improve it, or create a résumé from scratch. The result should be an easy to scan and easy to update résumé. The free version offers three clean and professional templates to choose from.

résumé.com– This website is quick and easy to use, and a variety of template options are offered. Once your résumé is created, you may also share it on résumé.com for employers to see for free. Customization of résumés for specific job postings is also available.

résumé-nowChoose from over 20 design templates, browse writing samples and add them to your résumé, and take advantage of the résumé check to scan for spelling and grammar mistakes.

cvmakerWith a simple interface, you’ll be able to create your résumé quickly and effortlessly. This website also offers you the option of hosting your résumé so it can be visible to recruiters.

Standard résuméIf practicality is what you enjoy, this is what you’re looking for. All you need to do is enter your text, select a color, and a résumé will be created for you. The purpose of this is to create a modern, simple, and highly-scannable résumé.

For the ones who wish to impress with their résumé:

VisualCV– VisualCV is a simple and user-friendly option for résumé building. After choosing your design, you can easily create customized versions for each job application, and track the results to see if your résumé has been viewed or downloaded.

Resumonk– This résumé builder allows you to easily create your résumé with a traditional design.  Additionally, cover letter templates with the same design as the résumé of your choice are also available. Another convenient feature is that it offers the option of saving your résumé to be edited or updated if you need to do so in the future.  

CanvaCreate highly appealing and elaborate résumés that will leave your interviewers impressed. This website offers a large variety of free stock photos, icons, fonts and backgrounds to personalize your résumé. Canva makes building a résumé fast, fun, and easy.


Find Yourself. Find Your Future: Career Assessment Tools

Career self-assessment tools are one of the most important career resources for college students.  They allow for early career exploration, which leads to informed decisions when it comes to selecting a career. This helps with graduating on time and entering a career that aligns with your goals, skills, and interests.

The Myers-Briggs Online– This $50, 30-minute assessment helps you identify yourself as one of 16 distinctive personality traits to better understand yourself and appreciate differences in others. After taking this questionnaire, you’ll be able to increase your self-awareness, improve your decision making, get along with others better, develop as a leader, find work you enjoy, and enhance your relationships. It also provides you with a short list of careers people of particular personality types tend to enter and what kinds of tasks they tend to enjoy.

SuperStrong (on VitaNavis) – This user-friendly, 10-minute assessment quickly gives you a detailed analysis of your interests and personality and how they relate to careers that may be suitable for you. This assessment not only provides you with extremely useful information but also with actionable tips so you can work towards your goals. You can take this assessment on your phone, tablet or computer.  Ask your advisor for more information on how to take this assessment through your college or university.


Find Employers by Major:

Buzzfile–  This valuable tool allows you to find employers by major. After you select your major, the website prompts you to select your state. At a glance, you’ll be able to see the number of available positions for your major available in each state in the U.S. Click on the state of your interest, and you’ll be provided with all the companies hiring, company information, and their contact info.


Find Your Dream Job: Job Search Tools

MonsterAfter creating an account and uploading your résumé, potential employers can discover you based on your skills and experience. You can also search for jobs by location or area of interest. Monster also emails alerts when jobs of your interest become available.

CareerBuilderBrowse for jobs by category, city, and company. After uploading your résumé or completing a job application, the website will provide you with job recommendations of your interest.

SnagajobIf you’re looking for an hourly job, this website is your best bet. Snagajob allows you to find jobs that allow a flexible schedule based on compatibility and personality. Additionally, this company also offers a free career builder app called Snag for on the go users.

IndeedThis job-related search engine also allows you to search for jobs by job title, keywords, company, and area. If you create an account, you’ll be able to upload your résumé in order to easily apply for jobs and obtain job recommendations.

CareerVitals– This job board claims to be the largest one for healthcare-related jobs.  This platform offers the option of searching for jobs manually, or employers may also contact you if you upload your résumé. CareerVitals also offers a free résumé critique.

Job search platforms that have a little more to offer:

Handshake-  Based on your interests and network, this tool makes career recommendations and connects you to jobs, internships, on-campus events and hiring events. Handshake also features a deadline tracker and lets you connect with potential employers.

LinkedInLinkedIn is the number one platform for professionals. It allows you to connect with potential employers, get discovered, search and apply for jobs, and receive updates from the companies you care about. Most companies now expect applicants to have a LinkedIn profile since it provides recruiters with your background, experience, interests, and skills.

Idealist– Idealist is not your typical job search engine. Besides being able to find jobs, you’ll also be able to search for internships, volunteer opportunities, events, and organizations all within one website.

CareerBliss– Careerbliss has a unique feature which offers users a list of the top 50 happiest companies in America along with average salary, open jobs, and CEO approval percentage. This website also gives you the opportunity to find salary information and reviews by job title or company name.  

GlassdoorGlassdoor not only allows you to search for jobs, it also provides you with personalized salary estimates, salaries for specific positions within a company, and company reviews from past and/or current employees.


Gain Experience. Land Your Dream Job: Internship Databases–  This website was named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Career websites, and is one of the top career resources for college students. allows you to search for internships by major, location, or by newly added internships. They also feature an internship predictor that generates job listings, résumé content, and career track analysis based on personality traits, interests, and values.

WayUpCreate a profile to share your interests, experience, and skills, and get discovered by companies. Search to find for paid internships, part-time jobs, and entry-level jobs.   Additionally, WayUp also offers an app so you can always search for internships on the go.

YouTernAfter creating a profile, YouTern matches your skills and aspirations to the needs of a company, and offers a blog for tips on internship success.

IdealistFind internships, jobs, volunteer opportunities, events and organizations all within one website; all you need to do is search by one of the following fields: keyword, skill, interest, or location. 

CoolWorksCoolWorks is exactly what it sounds like— having a cool job in a great place. Hence, this website isn’t necessarily for internship-seekers, it’s rather a great resource for finding seasonal jobs, or a good option if you’re still discovering your career path. 


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We hope this list of career resources for college students helps you prepare for the four upcoming years.  Best of luck!

The Ultimate List of Career Resources For College Students

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